We develop thoughts for hungry minds.

ThoughtBread is a small game development team from Germany.

We’ve been working together on different projects since 2014 using Unity and Unreal Engine.

If you have any questions regarding us or our work feel free to contact us at contact@thoughtbread.de

The Team

Name: Julia Wolf
Job: Concept Artist, Illustrator, High Poly, Texturing
Favourite Pokémon: Mewtu
Favourite Drinks: Water & Coffee
Favourite Genre: Action-Adventure

Name: Yasmin Schraven
Job: Game Design, Level Design, 3D Artist
Favourite Pokémon: Relaxo
Favourite Food: HUMMUS!
Favourite Genre: Role-Playing Games & Jump’n’Run

Name: Maxine Hammen
Job: Concept Artist, Illustrator, Texturing, World Building
Favourite Pokémon: Aquana
Favourite Drink: Peppermint Tea
Favourite Genre: Action Role-Playing Games

Name: Sebastian Krause
Job: Technical Artist, Coding
Favourite Pokémon: Sudowoodo
Favourite Drink: Green Tea
Favourite Genre: Action Role-Playing Games

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