“Tell Your Town” is a spin-off version of our early prototypes of Folklore. It was created for an intercultural exchange between two schools, “Echole du Brill” from Esch-sur-Alzette, Luxembourg and “Kurfürst-Balduin-Realschule plus Trier” from Trier, Germany.

The project was funded by the “Nikolaus-Koch-Stiftung Trier” and local government funds.

“Tell Your Town” was developed side-by-side with students from these schools to allow visiting students, especially the other school, to get a glimpse at what is important to the students of the city.
Core story elements, gameplay decisions and the routes where designed in cooperation with the schools and during study groups at the schools.
“Tell Your Town” is available on:
“Tell Your Town” was developed using the Unity game engine.